Pat Day

Senior Equity Partner & Vice President

I am Pat Day, a Senior Equity Partner and Vice President of The Enrichment Group.

My love for technology and music led me to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida in 1971. As a young man, I combined people skills and the ability to reach realistic goals with my ability to manage corporate financial decisions. I was able to quickly advance in my career to become a senior manager and department head for a major US electric utility company.

Although my corporate career was successful on many fronts, I felt that my work had little lasting impact on a personal level. That’s when I decided to use my technical background and management skills to help people improve their lives by optimizing their financial decisions. In 1993 I founded PlanVest Financial Services, Inc., an advisory firm dedicated to bringing personal financial planning services to credit union members who faced the trauma of job loss and sudden, unexpected retirement following a corporate downsizing. I served as the company’s President and CEO until the firm merged with The Enrichment Group in 2000.

My engineering background allows me to better understand complex financial strategies (what I like to call “financial engineering”) and my management experience is a real benefit when I need to explain those strategies to my clients. I think my most valuable skill as a financial planner is my ability to listen to my clients’ needs, fears, goals and dreams. I am able to combine these skills to bring improved understanding, clarity, and comfort to their financial decisions.

My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my clients make better decisions year after year, and celebrating with them as their decisions lead not only to achieved goals, but also to an enriched life.

Together with my wife and partner Kathie, we enjoy one of the many benefits of having our own life-long plan — a second home in the Colorado mountains. Although our business office will always be in Miami, we enjoy working together every day from either location. When time allows, we enjoy traveling, skiing, snow shoeing, hiking and other mountain sports. We also enjoy evenings filled with reading and music around a warm fire in the Colorado mountains. And, of course, we always look forward to visiting our children and grandchildren in Arizona and California.


Pat Day

Senior Equity Partner & Vice President

Areas of Expertise

  • Sudden Loss of a Job
  • Unexpected Retirement
  • Portfolio Management
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Business Management


  • Bachelor’s of Science, Electrical Engineering (1971)


  • Financial Planning Association