The Enrichment Plan

It’s About More Than Money

At the Enrichment Group, we strongly believe that the goal of the financial planning process is a life of enrichment. Money does not automatically guarantee an enriched life, but it is a powerful tool that can help you reach your goals, realize your dreams and fulfill your life’s purpose.

That’s why we provide financial life planning services – to help you create a customized personal financial plan that will allow you to discover and live your life dreams.

The Enrichment Plan

For over 26 years our team has helped individuals and families define, quantify and achieve their dreams through a 4-step guided financial life planning process (illustrated in the graphic below).



Customized Personal Financial Plan


Step 1: Visualize

Discover and Define Your Dreams, Set Goals for the Future

Someone once said that dreams are undeveloped photographs of the future. No dream is impossible if you have enough time, enough patience and the will power to pursue your goals. During this phase, we want you to explore your dreams and to set goals for the future. If time and money were unlimited, how would your life be different?

Step 2: Plan

Draw a Roadmap for Achieving Your Goals

After you define your dreams and set goals for the future, our next step is to help you figure out how to get there. A good financial plan will specify what you need to do to achieve your goals. Together we will answer tough questions. Should I be saving more, investing differently, better utilizing my company benefits, planning for my children’s education, etc.? Should I change my beneficiaries or update my estate documents? Am I making tax-efficient decisions?

Based on your answers we will develop a customized personal financial plan to help you move forward.

Step 3: Implement

Start Getting Things Done

The very best financial life planning is worthless if the plan is not implemented and monitored. If you need estate planning, we will coordinate with your attorney to make sure it gets done. If you need insurance, we’ll make sure you get it. We will ensure that you have a solid investment portfolio that is custom designed, broadly diversified, allocated appropriately, and professionally managed.

Step 4: Refine

Fine Tune Your Personal Financial Plan

As time goes by, circumstances change. Your income may increase, your children go to college, you retire. With each step, your personal financial plan will need to be reviewed and refined. Today’s goal may not be the same as tomorrow’s dream. As your life changes, new things become important to you. That’s why it is important to review your goals and objectives on a regular basis with annual planning reviews and ongoing monitoring. If you make small adjustments along the way, you are much more likely to achieve your goals in the future.

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