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Wealth Management Service

The Wealth Management Service of The Enrichment Group combines holistic, ongoing financial planning, coaching, and advice with custom designed professional investment management. Our clients frequently have planning questions like:

  • Retirement. How much do I need to save to get there? Will I even be able to retire? What will retirement look like? How do I decide between taking a lump sum or an annuity option from my company’s pension plan? How do I get a regular cash flow after my paycheck from work stops?
  • Estate Planning. Are my current estate documents adequate now? What kind of documents do I need and why do I need them? What do these documents do? How do I even think about this? What decisions should I make about distributing my assets after I am gone? Who can I trust to make sure my estate plan gets implemented the way I want it to? Who are the appropriate people to act as my agent, personal representative, trustee, etc.? How do I protect my minor children?
  • Risk Management. Is my current insurance coverage appropriate and adequate? Is there any way to cut my costs? Do I really need Long Term Care Insurance? How can I protect my assets from creditors? Do I really need disability insurance? Life insurance?
  • Tax Planning. Would a Roth conversion make sense for me? How can I lower my tax bill? Should I save using pre-tax or after-tax vehicles? Is it better to put more in my 401k, or should I establish a cash reserve for emergencies?
  • Life Transitions. What do I do in the event of a divorce, the death of a loved one, receiving an inheritance, retirement, losing a job? I can’t even think about this financial stuff right now, let alone make important decisions, can you help me?
  • Specific Financial Decisions. Should I refinance my mortgage? Should I pay cash for my new car, lease it, or finance it? Can I afford to buy a second home in North Carolina?

Professional investment management is an integral part of our wealth management service. We will work with you to choose an investment strategy that provides the returns you need to achieve your goals while minimizing the risks taken to achieve those returns. Our experienced investment professionals will watch for tax planning opportunities and tactically adjust and rebalance your portfolio as needed.



Depending on your needs, we may offer some or all of the below services.

  • Investment Goal Setting
  • Perpetual Paycheck
  • Initial Holistic Planning Meetings
  • Annual Planning Review Meetings
  • Priority Access to Planners
  • Savings Recommendations
  • Retirement Planning & Projections
  • Education Planning and Funding
  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning
  • Financial Transition Planning–Divorce, Loss of Spouse, etc.
  • Estate Document Review and Recommendations
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Monitoring and Rebalancing
  • Goal Setting for Lifetime Objectives
  • Planning Updates as Needed
  • Cash Flow & Spending Review
  • Net Worth Analysis
  • Scenario Testing
  • Coaching for Financial Decisions
  • Coordination with CPA, Attorney and/or Family Members
  • Employee Benefit Review and Recommendations
  • Charitable Giving & Family Legacy Planning


If you have questions or need additional information about our services or fees, Contact us online or call (305) 274-1600.